I met with my trainer today with Sonny and it was great. We actually cancelled my workout because I was a little bagged but we ended up planning out my next three months to get me ready for Everest.  Schedule is pretty intense. I guess I know I have weak cardio so I need to work on my cardio. I’m going to have to do four times a week cardio and then four work outs, two strength and two whole body. So it’s kind of cool. Kind of a project.

Kind of really see if I can get myself in shape. Need to drop 30 pounds which is huge but I guess in comparison to my overall body mass it’s about ten percent so I guess not like twenty or thirty percent so definitely reasonable I think and within safety limits so that’s all great.

Went for prelim health check.  Scheduled a cardio check to check out the heart – and will schedule a full physical for next week.

Interesting, the doc said that there meds that can help with altitude sickness.  Will need to research.