Board MeetingAlthough I planned to get to sleep at 1AM last night, I ended hitting the sack at 7AM – up at 11AM – and then headed out for the EO Board Meeting.  Needless to say, when running on 4 hours, you, (I) just don’t function well.  So, this Board meeting was in Haidien, and it was my first time there.   I think this was one of the least prepared forums and board meetings I have gone to – a sign of being a bit overloaded.   Nevertheless, the crew all gets how we all can get – so no issues – but I just personally didn’t feel I lived up to the quality that I wish to bring to the group.   

The forum itself was great – we had it in Lush’s admin building – Jade’s business.   Always great to see someone else’s business and how they run things.   Although as always I cannot talk about forum topics, this one was quite embarrassing for me.   M…. and I where supposed to tag team on a  presentation, but with my Thailand trip, M… was kind enough to pick up the slack and do the work.  The topic we picked was something we discussed 3 weeks ago, but in my 4 hour sleep state, I was actually thinking that his presentation was on original topic.   Of course, I had read his presentation and I was familiar with the issues, BUT,  one of the forum rules is that the presenter and coach should go over the presentation  a week ahead.  M…. was willing but I didn’t have a time, so when, when it came to doing the presentation, I actually introduced topic A instead of topic B.   And this was after one of our fellow members detected the fact that we didn’t do the full coaching process.   So,  the end of it was, I tried to fake the fact that we coached – which in itself was dishonest – and second I was so bad and doing that – that I just made M and myself look quite foolish.  

IMG_0496 IMG_0494
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Small thing, and everyone had a good laugh, and I had a 500RMB fine, BUT this was one of the first time in a long, long time when I wasn’t prepared, and instead of admitting the facts I attempted to fake it.   That kind of stuff never works, so another great reminder that honesty is the best path – and that its better to own up to a screw up when its there vs. covering it up.   Honestly, it was a humbling experience – one that will help me remember that my policy of ‘calling it as it is’ is really the best.

After the forum, we ended up in Lush, and although I had some personal plans for the evening, they got canceled, and running on 4 I was eager to go home.   Now its 5:30AM as I write this – so the success of that strategy didn’t quite work.   Basically, the boys and girls, twisted my very rubbery arm, and after 3 or 4 or 5 long islands, we got into Absinthe.   So, running on 4, I’m here at 5:30AM with the light breaking, enjoying the great night I actually had, but at the same time dreading the ‘morning’ and the fact that I’m going to loose hours tomorrow.     

On top of this, as an additional mistake for the day, I was rather too inquisitive about K… and I fear I probed into her life beyond what was appropriate at this stage of us knowing each other.  The great thing is that K… is quite strong – and she rightly pushed back.   Regardless, I feel that  I’m truly coming back to the person I was 10 years ago – take no prisoners, no fear and full force on.  So, although in the case of K… I will be calling her to apologize for crossing her comfort zone tomorrow, I feel good that I have come back – and that I’m back in the zone.   The zone from 10 years ago worked well for me – and I love feeling that power again.

In closing – it was my first time to the student area in Haidien (sp?) – and it was great to be there and feel the vibe.   Haven’t seen that side of Beijing and it quite reminded me of the U days – and the energy, fun and plain silliness of those days.

So, despite two ‘things’ I wish I did better, it was a great day – always so nice to see everyone!

And here are the pictures from Lush!

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