Had a pretty late start this morning. I think I was up about 11:00.

Got in the office around 12:00. And then basically, instead of doing work which I couldn’t really do cause I was still getting over the last night I basically basically just organized my next couple of days, filled in the spots and blocked off the times. Then I needed to do the work.

And then basically that was it for the work time. In the evening I met with Peter and we just talked about his project and give him a little bit of advice on how to go to market and some very,very basic marketing strategies. So beyond that, I guess I’m starting to book the flights. I think I’m going to do the U.S., Germany, and then back to Beijing and delay Hong Kong til maybe May and do that as a separate trip.

So, but overall things are going well. Things are moving forward. So yes, this was pretty low energy but a good day.

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