I didn’t spent as much as I wanted to work on Project Genie documents – but nevertheless had made a good dent it.   When working on this – I have realized that there is a very large ‘marketing plan’ component that will be required – so as much as I have wanted to have the whole scope 100% defined, I don’t think I will be able to do that.  So, I will need to go for a flexible commercial terms – with the core of the project defined and stabilized, and then a ‘variable’ component that will will depend on the marketing plan for Genie.

At 7PM I called to see if the flights where flying and it turns out that I can’t get into Europe due to the volcanic activity.  So, in a way, I don’t mind having the extra time to work on this – because all of a sudden I have 1 full ‘clear’ week (which I will try my best not fill with anything that is not ranked TOP URGENT). 

So, Monday will be dedicated to finishing the work (since my mind is engaged into this space right now) – and the rest of the week I will plan accordingly tomorrow. 

During the evening, without having to pack, I took some personal time, and it was great.    The evening actually triggered a lot of insight into myself – and I was actually able to gain a whole new level of clarity, that I have been trying out to figure out for some time.

So, great ‘work’ day, great ‘personal’ day.

Below is my home office, and work in progress on Genie.