Today was my prep day for Germany. Although the original idea was to try to finish all the work, it became pretty evident that I had to contextually switch into the Genie project. Basically, the way I work is to 100% absorbed myself in material, data, etc. It’s actually quiet taxing to reframe your mind to give absolute focus onto one area. So, today was that day for me, day of review and absorption into Project Genie.

So, tomorrow will be more of a work day if we define work by generation of content, documents, etc. but for me the hard work was today. Tomorrow everything will just flow, plus I have a bunch of waking hours on the way to LA on Monday, so whatever I don’t finish tomorrow I will be able to catch it up on the plane.

Took some personal time this morning and talk with Mom, haven’t talked to her for a few weeks, so it was nice to get this this treat.

Project Genie looks very cool, and I think it will blow everyone expectations when it’s up. Good stuff.

I reached out to Carnet from Sprout, to see if I can borrow Chris from them for site design for Genie. It had looked like I was going able to get Chris directly, but he is very committed into the projects at Sprout so hopefully I can put something together with Carnet. Actually, I haven’t looked as Sprout in a while, and must say they did an amazing job. I think they almost have what I was looking for in terms of social marketing, etc. To do it right, so no matter how things to with borrowing Chris, they are now on my radar for social play.

Spent a bit of time of thinking of the root cause of the overloaded feeling. Bottom line, I’m underfunded (self funded). So, actually, if I address the funding issue, the rest of the things will fall nicely into play. What made me think of this was the fact that I was preparing to roll up my sleeves and do the financial work. 100% mental trap – which I got trapped in before.

My value is to go and get the funding to the table, then hire the cost effective controller to handle the finance side.

So, as soon as I’m back, going to meet with C…., who is going to help me put in place a valuation and Share Holder agreement. With that I will bring funding on board, and the hire away my issues. Entrepreneurs trap – try to do it yourself – so, so easy to fall into as my blog posts of just few days show. 😉

Ok, enough philosophy. Taking evening off, guaranteed not to think about work! Should be a great evening!