As I am now working on finer details of the RedStores ventures plan I’m finding the work to be very thrilling, exciting and rewarding. As I was think about “why is that?” I have come to realize that the part I truly love about is is the “creative” or dare I say artistic side of it.

What, starting a business is artistic?

Yep. As I look at Ventures we essentially have a blank slate of paper in front of us. What we do, how we do, when we do it is all up to us. So much like an artist or writer stares at a canvas or sheet of paper – so do we. And as we stare at it, we draw on our creativity, experience, knowledge and inspiration to create a business.

How well that business is received, how successful it is, is truly depended on how creative we have been. If we build a 2 million dollar business it means we have created that size. If we build a 200 million dollar business, again, it’s purely based on our creativity.

And, what has become clear, the difference between a 2 million business and 200 million business is nothing but creativity. A business artist.

Once we imagine and create in our mind a clear picture of what we want to create – just like a painter or writer, we go and create it. For a writer the tools would be a typewriter or laptop. For a painter it would be canvas, paints, brushed and esel.

For a business artist we have tools too. We make the business a reality by using tools such as: human resource team, finance team, operation team, partnership, legal services, software developers, graphic designers, researchers.

These teams are our brushes which allow us to lay down the strokes on our canvas, and with each stroke, each action create a real business.

And so, when I watch myself, my energy, my level of engagement, I see that the part that I absolutely love is the creative part of building a business. I feel that this process brings out the artist, creator in me – and from personal fulfillilemt side – this is what drives me.

So, building a business for me, is not about the money, profits – although those things are in effect my reward in that they say ” you have created something beautiful. Building a business is an art of self expression. It’s a beautiful thing to see something that was once just an idea, come to life. It’s very rewarding to see teams engaged inn the work, teams being supportive of the vision, people being happy,challenged and engaged.

When you see that, you truly feel like you have been an artist – in this case an artist of business.

So, if you notice,mthe driver for this is not money, profits – but is self fullfilemt and the uter joy of being to spread that joy not just to self but to others also. And hey, if the art that we create is beautiful (successful) – it also means money. But money is just a secondary reward – and a minor one compared to others.