It has been a while since I was blogging. Last two weeks quite difficult, and I have been dealing with a number of challenges.   It can’t really discuss the challenges here in this particular blog, but one of the things I can do is to discuss some of the future things that I think can happen and some of the insights and thoughts I guess I’m having recently about overall.I just purchased Dragon dictate professional, and I’m using it now to help speed up with online d, so I’m using it not for this blog, then it’s actually working excellent.

Also, with my iPhone, I find myself extra productive now since there’s so many new applications.  Recently I have been spending a lot of time in taxis, so I have been dictating love my ideas and thoughts into my iPhone, and also just recently started doing a lot of fun mind mapping on the phone. So overall,  finding that the iPhone is a super productivity tool, but that is also what pushed me into getting this voice dictation system. So far so great.

Today was EO forum day, and as always the forum is very inspiring and mind opening. Very good energy, and it seems that everybody is in good spirits and moving forward.

So, today I spent a bit of time in a taxi, and I used that time and my mapping software to plan out my e-commerce presentation of that I will be delivering later in March. It’s very cool, and I have a very nice framework now working with it and developing the slide ware.


One of my current challenge, is to figure out how to move forward, how to regain the lost momentum.  I think I have it mostly figured out, and I think the key to this will be to start many things fresh, start thinking bigger, and move forward faster. In many ways, pearls only, has been my primary school, where had learned most of the things that I need to learn, and now I’m ready for the high school days, or perhaps I should say university days. So, I think it’s time now for me, to really start moving things forward, to start putting more chances on, and not to place will cautiously anymore, as it has been played for last couple years. From that point of view, especially looking at the book good to great, the flywheel that the author talks about, is myself, and my self motivation, and may drive, and my readiness to get things going a bit faster. Every part of my body, my mind, feels like I’m ready for prime time, and that I can accomplish pretty much anything I want regardless of the obstacles.