Alex was sick today so I ended up spending most of it home with Alex.  However, during the evening, I was  work with training Dragon dictate, so that I can do these blogs and other things faster. One of the cool things was that one of the text was reading to train the DragonDictate software was called success is a journey seven steps to achieving success in the business of life, and partly recalls reading this book at some point long long time ago, but regardless, it has reminded me of the many things that make people successful and old things that make people fail. The main message behind the book is not to keep on trying, don’t give up, and that you enjoy the path and have fun doing what you’re doing. 

So, when I look at this book and the advice that it provides, it resonates with me, and I think part of the reason why a few items already for this journey of world, is that I exhumed so many of the qualities that this book talks about. And yes I know that it can sound a little pompous and arrogant, but at the same time I know that if I had read this book a few years ago, I looked up the same place same thoughts. So, one of the things that comes out of it is that it’s time to move.

On another note, I started working on my e-commerce presentation in more detail, and I thought I had a lot of fun doing it. It has long time since she did and the presentations, and I remember how much time and effort to I used to put in, to  make them really great and smart and fun. And I remember how I would get lost in doing the presentations and just so focused on the topic. And how of much joy that would give me this very much lost in the moment and enjoying that the act of creating, teaching, and preparing.

So, I have a cool little theme, for this e-commerce primer, were going to compare a real-life store ever loved that to the e-commerce store and have people understand the difference between what it takes to be in the real world and to be in the virtual world. When I look at it, it seems, there’s a much different reality when you’re operating in a virtual space, versus in the brick-and-mortar space. In some ways, the physical space, seems a lot simpler than the e-commerce site. Once I’m done my slideware, I will post it on the website, on and I think of it like to share with others. This slideware I think will also form the basis for my book, and only use them to develop the various chapters and details about this particular subject.

I have been known passing off on this Canadian opportunity that I have been looking at him over the last few months, and in the wake of this decision I feel a bit  disappointed that something new and fresh and different is not going to introduce to you, but at the same time, my gut instinct tells me that it’s the right thing to do. But my goal does need to be focused on growth and the future, fundraising, thinking big. Just like in the books, “success is a journey”, the personal challenge for me is no longer to build it to $3 million, with amazing, I found that it’s easy, for me it’s the next level is building $100 million company . I suppose once you get 100 million, I will be very interested in trying to go for 1 billion, why not, for me this is not a job but my hobby.

Tomorrow, I’m meeting with a friend, and were potentially going to discuss with him entering the a new business together at some point, where one of the future businesses, and going for her more serious fundraising, move things forward.