Few things are for sure about what I will need to do to get ready for the trek.   One is to drop a pile of weight – so that I don’t have to lug it up the mountain! 🙂

2nd – get my cardio up, and my muscles build up.

I will have a detailed plan laid out by Friday and also there is a whole bunch of training plans to prep for this on the internet – so I’m reaching out to get those.

One thing I have dreaded, but though necessary is to start to ‘put on the blog’ my weight and my exercise schedule.   A bit scary to be honest, but I think its time.

I’m using a cool wifi scale called Withings.com – that will automatically transmit my weight, fat, etc. to the system and can be published on the site.

So, I will create a page called ‘My Stats’ and will expose (as scary as it feels) my data.