Fitness Contract With Paul Lepa

Apr 21, 2010 | Growing Business | 0 comments


It is hereby stipulated that Paul Lepa will exercise for a minimum of 15 days during each calendar month.   Exercise is defined as a minimum of 45 minutes of physical activity – be it walking, personal training, hiking.  For the Period of until May 31, 2010 – there is no performance criteria in terms of intensity.  However starting from June 1, 2010 until later – the exercise intensity must reach heart rate level of at least 80%.

Each exercise event is define as start to finish – regardless of the time spent.  Another words, a 10 hour hike, would count as one fitness event.

It is hereby further stipulate that in the event of breach of contract, a financial penalty will be assed.  The penalty will be calculated based on the following:  (15 days – days exercise)*150USD.

The penalty will be remitted to L… by the end of each month in the event.

The recording of exercise will be performed using fitness tracking system and will be audited by M….


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