Had a very nice comment from a guy that we interviewed for a programmer position.   Basically this candidate wanted to come to work for RedStores.com vs. Microsoft – take lower salary compared to Microsoft because he:

1. Like our interview style

2. Like our office chemistry

3. Liked the opportunity

I have been waiting for this moment for  a long time – for being the place where people WANT to come to work, because its a nice place to work, because we care about the people, because we give them chance to grow and because we are doing cool stuff.   On top of this, we just attended Top Grading presentation, and although I missed the presentation, Eileen didn’t – and she applied what she learned to her interview process.   Result, the emergence of a company culture that I’m proud to be part off.   And so, the flywheel is starting to spin al little bit faster now!

For future reference here is the content of the email:

Thanks a lot for interviewing me on Tuesday, I am waiting for your feedback this days, I’d like to know if I have satisfied your requirement or not?

If the answer is “Yes”, I’d like to know if you would have time to give me a chance to hold another talk with you? After a few days consideration, I’d more likely to be part of your company, even if you may provide a little less offer than the other company can. There are a few reasons for me to make this decision, firstly I am impressed by your style of interview, I like the peaceful environment your company provided. Secondly, I’d like my contribute to be part of the engine that drive Redstores.com going forward, just like you said, even though it is a small company, but it has a good future. Of course, on the other aspect, I’d like to have a stable job, and I believe my career in Redstores.com will long continue.

If the answer is “No”, I’d still to thank you for giving me the opportunity to join the interview, and the interview have given me a deep impression.