I have been on vacation last few days, first a few days in Singapore and then Thailand with Alex.   I just read the book, ‘What’s your story’, and in it, I really like the words the author used on being ‘focused’ on one task at a time.  Another words,  if you are with your family or daughter for that matter, you really should give your family (or your daughter) 100% undivided attention – quality time.

This has been still a struggle for me, as I’m constantly floating between work, growth, opportunities, ideas and focusing on Alex.    Kind of ‘multi-tasking’ – meaning I’m getting neither done well.

So, I think this is  a common issue for people in leadership roles and that it takes a certain level of discipline sand metal agility to be able to disconnect yourself from external things and focus on things at hand.   Looking back, over last 6 years there was only a few times that I have been really able to disconnect.  Even right after my surgeries, I was up checking email 3 or 4 days after the pain killers worn off.   A little crazy – yep! 

So, this is a personal side of excellence – ability to disconnect – and learning to truly relax in the moment.

So, I’m thinking for next time I will do this:

1. leave my laptop behind

2. leave my cell phone behind (yep, sounds crazy, but I have get sms and email on my phone).

3. forward all my calls and emails to my Assistant – let her filter – and in case of emergency have her reach me at where I’m staying.

When I write the above, it feels crazy extreme – but I’m definitely going to try it – and see how it feels.  I now for sure the business will not suffer because the team I have is amazing – so its my own mental dis-engagement that I need to fight!