On Sunday, while drinking with the boys, Mirko kept mentioning the book “The Power of Story”.   I had 6 hours on the plan today, so I read the book.   Fantastic material.   Loved the book, but also loved the concept of the very, very deep motivation that needs to be clearly understood by each person.   The book works on the very root essence of the human being – looking at the very primal motivators one has.  

Its very interesting, since, whenever I have been asked to talk to people, motivate them, or ‘push’ them – that has been the area that I had always started.  Another words, I didn’t start by saying ‘how big you want your business to be’, or ‘how much money you want to make’ – instead I would ask people ‘what is that makes you happy’.  Essentially this book asks the same question, but much more eloquently   The outcome of reading this book, is that one cannot help buy say to oneself ‘What is my life’s purpose?’.    As someone has said before, when you ask a great question, you get a great answer.  And, it is through this kind of question, I feel I can build my goals, vision, mission.   Once that deep rooted meaning is understood, execution become a trivial part.

Further on this, I seem to find that many, many people I know struggle  with this – basically ‘what the heck do I want?’  -  this is 101 of goal setting – so, so important.   So, this read, essentially, was one long book about the importance of having a goal!   If you didn’t believe in the value of goals, after you read this book, I think would have to be quite limited in your cranial power, to not buy in to the fact that one must have a goal to move forward.

So, after reading this, I had thought that it would be good to start a ‘personal board’ for a group of 3 or 4 people – where we could act as ‘enforcers’ and ‘diggers’ for each other – to help not only identify our goals for each other but then also help each other execute on those goals.    The ‘Kick Ass Club’ comes to mind – as the purpose of such club would be to kick each members ass on a weekly basis – to push each other further.   Personal motivation support group?


Side note:  one of the goals I have been started to act on is to become a lecturer at a local university.  I forgot how much fun I had when I was in front of the crow and the buzz of nerves, andrelin and pure coolness that it carried.   So, few days ago, I made tangible steps to start to become a guest lecturer for the MBA courses at Tsinghou University -  a little funny, because I want to do it for free, no compensation – simply for the pure fun of doing it.   I think 30-40 people would be perfect because of the dynamic that it carriers, but I think I could have fun in front of 500+ crowd as well -  so willing to lecture, present to any crowd.