Over last two weeks, I finalized a deal with Scot Arey, to come out to Beijing to help prepare the company for next level of growth.  I used linkedin for recruiting, and acted on two gut feelings.  One that I need a very strong CFO and second that I need a marketing guy.    Both yield good results.

Essentially, looking a bit out, I’m starting to use my ‘gut’ instinct a lot more – and part of it is – that some of the biggest leaps and gains that our company had made was when I was driving forward – and driving on pure instinct – not on books or theories but on gut!  So,  you could say, my gut is back in the game and its pushing things forward.

Interestingly, I also changed the goals on my site – before it was 5 years, $125MM – I just changed it to 3 years.   Amazing, but by simply changing the time frame I feel so much more energized.  3 years is a huge challenge, 5 was a cake walk.   So, given my passion for challenge, pushing the time frame, gave me a HUGE change in perspective and drive.    Amazing – how the same goal, but commitment to a different time frame can make such a motivation difference.   In fact, I need to examine this a bit more – because I think there is some deep physchology going on there.

Here is the email I sent to the staff:

Hello Everyone:

I’m pleased to let you know that in the middle of November, Scott Areys will be joining our company for a period of one month, to help our company prepare for the next level of growth.   Scott will work out of the Beijing office and will work closely with myself, Mina and accounting team, to structure our financial area to be ready for our next chapter of growth.   Scott has been hired for a period of 1 month and will go back to the US in middle of December. 

Scott will be looking at some of our basic accounting systems,  starting from Chinese accounting, and other new companies that will be formed.    He will also prepare our company to be ‘investor’ friendly, so that when additional funding is needed for our company to grow,  such funding can be easily obtained.

As you can see from Scott resume, he has a lot of experience brining investors and companies together,  so the long term strategic goal is that Scott would potentially be the person looking to bring onboard investors – and this 1 month engagement is a great trial run for both Scott and myself to make sure that we both are comfortable working with each other.  I expect that our company will be ready to take on investors in Q2/Q3 next year and that we will be mature enough to be able to effectively use up to $5MM USD to grow the business.

Exciting times are starting!!!!    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.