Philosophy of Motivation

Nov 2, 2009 | Growing Business | 0 comments

Went out last night with a few boys to chat about motivation, life purpose,  drivers, what we want, etc.   Very nice, philosophical discussion, especially in terms of establish what it is that limits us.   Bottom line, we have hiden limits that hold us back – once we can identify them, we go beyond them.  Goal setting and vision of ideal life is a primary vision.


Well, after a few drinks (too many) – the insights continued BUT resulted in  bad Monday morning.  So, overall, Sunday was productive and ‘strategic’ – Monday was mostly a write off.


This week I’m off to  Singapore for 2 days, then Thailand with Alex.    Got the same pool Villa in Phuket as last time (unit 1501, Mellisa Villa) – not super fancy, but fancy enough.   Looking forward to having some funds days with days along with Alex.

On Mirko’s advise, starting to read a book “What is your story” – so far, quiet interesting and easy read – will probably finish it on the plane tomorrow.   Overall, the day felt very full, with a lot of small shit things to do.  No big outcomes, just time destructors.  


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