Bit of a break

Apr 30, 2010 | Growing Business | 0 comments

Not a super filled day, but a good day.    2nd interview with a potential Controller/Project Manager – will be making him an offer tonight – so we will see how it goes.  Would like to get him on board – nice guy – easy to work with – reminds me a bit of Mossy.  Would like him to start while I”m away in Germany – so that him and D… can get together while I’m away and start getting things lined up.   Not so much China experience, but I would compliment this with a hire of a Accounting Clerk that could handle some of the work.  

Discussed with Mina the Genie proposal – was missing from her running costs – so needed her to get those for me.  Will have binders ready to take with me over to Germany.    The project is fast track, requires flexibility but very doable.   Quite confident that between M, T and I we will make it work – I think for what we are doing – the overall costs are a fraction! of what they would cost to execute in the west.   I have estimated this projected using Western effort – to be in the $3MM+ USD range to pull off.    So, in this way, the China advantage is kicking in.   Once the MOA is in place, I will, subject to any NDA’s share the general framework of the plan on this site.    

Got my patent search back and having it converted into a PDF so that I can review it on the plane.  Basically, for my patent I need to review previous similar patents – and see if there is something like I invented already there.   Its a huge book, so I can see 3 or 4 hours of just reading patent info.  Not the most exciting thing to do, but will have a lot of air time to kill, so trying to be productive.

Corporate changes in the US are moving along well – RedStores is now incorporated in Delaware – and now just working on cleaning up PearlsOnly Americas.

The BVI, HK RedStore entities are also finished, and I should be ready to go over to HK in May and get the banking going and begin building banking relationships. 

From there, there will be one more thing to do, and that is to open an Imp/Ex WOFE in China – but for that HK needs to be fully setup – so, guessing around late May – will begin moving on CN Imp/Exp WOFE.

Overall, a pretty easy day – low stress. Mentally digesting the financial numbers from the previous days – and conceptualizing alternatives and actions.   

Personally, up at 6AM – but felt a bit under the weather – so lingered and chilled to some cool Deuter for a couple of hours.  Felt much better.  Felt like a cold, but more likely just ‘overloaded’ I think.   So, Deuter did his trick.    Tomorrow, off on a Great Wall hike, and then reserved for myself Sat night, Sun and Monday for personal time.    Likely I will need to put in a few hours into the ‘RedStores’ story – but basically planning to have a full weekend to myself.  

Overall, fairly intense week – BUT with good results, good overall progress and nice easy ending.  


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