I have a stationary bike at home, that I have yet to use (I have had it for 6 months).   I actually took the step to try to use it – event put it in front of the TV – BUT – in the end decided to go for a walk.  It was just so nice outside – and just felt to be good outside.

So went for a walk instead. 


I have been thinking of a getting a ‘real’ bike for a while – always liked it in Canada – but haven’t been on a ‘real’ bicycle for probably 6 years.   So, as walked by a couple bike shops.  First one only had Chinese sizes, but the 2nd one actually had a large frame.   30 Minutes later, I was on my bike, helmet and all – on  road back home – route is below.  9 minutes ride.   Was going to go longer but it was dark, and no lights.


What a beauty – kick stand and all! 🙂

Actually, logistics are great – my elevator goes right down to the basement and the bike can be stored right there – so VERY easy access.   Good cardio training (although it has to be more than 9 minutes! 🙂 )