Bodies in motion stay in motion

Feb 8, 2011 | Insights | 0 comments

Bodies in motion stay in motion.   Bodies without motion stay without motion.
Basic Physics from Thermodynamics 101

Paul’s Analysis: If you aren’t moving, you will not move without external force.   So, this is an elaboration on the idea of “do the same thing, get the same thing’.

Hence, the deeper meaning is that change requires external force.   If one desires results other than the ones currently had, one must apply ‘force’ (=energy) to make changes.  So, lets say, your desire is to expand the business – a stable one – it will (by law of physics) – require an injection of energy to expand it.  

I wonder if anyone has analyzed a business as a set of equations from thermodynamics – in terms of enthalpy.   In a way, you could model a business – with people in it – as units of energy, some constant multiplier for team work – and you could get equation of how much energy a business has.  Add into it the entropy and see the results.    Without going into the depths – my guess is that a formula could be derived to show that a ‘business can coast only down the hill” –  as entropy kicks in – but the volume expands.

Anyways – very geeky insight. (and btw – I was horrible at thermodynamics so if I got my physics wrong, feel free to correct).


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