First day after the Chinese Spring Festival – basically a Xmas equivalent.  Not everyone is back in the office yet – so things a bit quiet.  

Focused today on focusing.   Another words – with many tasks ahead – I went and prioritized my tasks – and also reviewed all the projects that going on all across the company.   Most of our tasks are imagemanaged via Sharepoint and each department has its own tasks – so by looking over where things where and was left to do – gave me a quick ‘catch up’ with the company and the projects at hand.

With that, I organized myself – and moved tasks from my personal tasks to various departments (where possible) and assigned them to those responsible getting them done.

The system hasn’t been perfect – but  overall – it’s a good gauge of what we are trying to do.   It also gives the chance to delegate out tasks from myself to others without the worry of ‘loosing’ tasks. 

So, with my everything possible delegated out – I’m left with corporate things (open up a couple companies) – restructure.  

Another nice surprise today is that we sold 2 more TaoBao to West products – making it a total of 3 so far.   Quite incredible, given that we have only picked 30 products (I though it was 50 before).    The margins are following our standard pricing model – which goes that one more step further that our vision of “Enabling China Direct” is good.