The Sleeping Giant

The Sleeping Giant is a powerful call to arms for aspiring entrepreneurs. Ken’s book inspires belief in our ability to tackle global economic challenges through entrepreneurship. It champions self-empowerment as the new American dream, highlighting stories of ordinary people achieving extraordinary success. It’s time for a new Business Class – a legion of self-employed visionaries reshaping the world. Get ready to be inspired and empowered!

The Awakening of the Self-Employed Entrepreneur

Twenty Inspiring Stories from Global Entrepreneurs.

Paul's Book-Shelf

Paul's Bookshelf

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity
Help me a lot with respect to productivity - some great ideas
God Wants You Dead
Brilliant and challenging
The Trigger
Anti-gun book - cool concepts - definitly aimed at the US - the gun death statistics are alarming.
Supercar Book For Boys
Fodor's Big Island of Hawaii
DK Eyewitness Top 10 Honolulu and O'ahu
Detonation Boulevard
Artifact Space
Hiking Trails 3: Northern Vancouver Island
Marine Atlas- Vol. 2 - Port Hardy to Skagway
The Teacher

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Discover Boundless Worlds Within The Pages Of My Books

Dive into my curated collection of books, each one a portal to a realm of wonder and enlightenment. Whether you seek thrilling escapades, profound insights, or simply a moment of solace, my selection offers something for every reader. Immerse yourself in captivating narratives, expand your horizons with insightful non-fiction, and let the magic of storytelling transport you to places both familiar and fantastical.

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Dunning–Kruger Effect

Dunning–Kruger Effect

Great article, that basically explains a question I had for a long time. If you are incompetent, are you aware of it? OR more crudely put, do stupid people know they are stupid. The Dunning-Kurger Effect, also gives us insight into the other spectrum, do smart people...

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You've just climbed a mountain and the clouds are all around you. It is unclear if you are standing at the top or there is more that you can ascend. While the uncertainty can be unsettling, appreciate how far you've come. And hold steady, these clouds should clear out...

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Ecommerce Growth Stages

Ecommerce Growth Stages

My presentation to the ECommerce Fuel group about three stages of e-commerce growth, along with various tips and tricks on what to watch for in each stage. And here is the presentation itself, with several slides that didn't make it into the official presentation...

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