Branding and Cross Selling

Aug 26, 2009 | Growing Business | 0 comments

This week has been dedicated to learning and research.  On this note, I was looking at cross-site traffic flows and cross-branding.     I was shocked to see that got renamed to – wow.   I’m not surprised in a way,since Carter came over from Wallmart, change was inevitable – but still – moving out of boutique world into a department store just like Amazon –hmm.  My gut tell me that 220 stores is not deep enough for them to taken on Amazon – too bad they are not public held.

So, this decision though, had spurred my own thoughts about WHY did that.   The reason that I came up with was: keep the traffic in the site and get more cross traffic.

From that point of view, they did a slick job BUT lots of branding on individual sites has been lost – big gamble here on netshops part.  

So, with this, spend a good part of the day looking at how to cross brand, and keep the traffic inside the family.  Also realized that branding needs to come into play and that PearlsOnly or other sites that we are coming up with are not Brand focused – so a brand strategy needs to be put implies otherwise I will run into the same issues as did 5 years from now (and given that I’m not convinced of their strategy) – I better plan a bit ahead.  So, no answer yet – but I’m close.

Beyond that, spend some time on operational issues dealing with forecasting Xmas sales and the buying pattern.  Numbers are looking GREAT so very happy with the outlook – purchasing will be challenged but then those are good challenges to have.   My focus remains on JIT – and strategically will rather staff up rather than inventory up to handle the load.

Last, had a coffee with an Australian James to talk about the Australian market.   Small market but…so young.   Not sure yet if its a lot laying fruit or a dried up apple on the ground – only 20MM people – decided to go into a bit deeper to see what could be had.

So, good part of the day spent on Strategic part, and some on Operational/Tactical things.   Admin time minized which is great – inbox still under control – and time well planned.   New organizational habit coming well into play.


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