Organizing yourself to organize others

Aug 25, 2009 | Growing Business | 0 comments

Last few days I have spent seriously looking on how to better organize myself.   I’m looking ahead and can see a LOT of things moving forward – and in order to move forward FAST – I need strong organization.

I have looked at systems to manage my tasks, revamped the way outlook is used for my own tasks (aligning them with the growth goals) – and updating SharePoint for departmental work tasks.

Having said this, it was an interesting day, I drifted in from high level of corporation to low level. 

High level means I was looking at the international corporate structure – looking at various corporate entities and how to re-structure worldwide operations.   Since there is no expertise in-house, am talking to 5 different firms about providing expertise.   One call today with Hong Kong was promising –  finding the resources that I need for high level optimization is imperative to enable further growth.

On the low level stuff – I finalized the marketing message for Silver Devotion and handed it over to the developer to skin the site, and further refined the sites.

My self organization has paid off too – my inbox has 5 messages (down from 500) – and my tasks are laid out for tomorrow and the rest of the week.

Now that I’m able to ‘drive’ myself – I will be able to help the rest of the company drive itself that much faster.


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