Branding vs Marketing

Jan 31, 2010 | Growing Business | 0 comments

Over last few days I have been thinking quite a bit between what it means to be a Brander or Marketer.

For me, Brand is someone that can come up with a cool message for their product, give that product strong and unique identity.  They differentiate their product from others through unique things to their offering.  For example, my friend Dom, of is an amazing brander.  He created his own brand.    So, Dom is a Brander.

Myself, on the other hand, am a marketer.  In my view, a marketer can take ANYTHING, regardless of brand and take it broad and wide, regardless of brand and sell it to people.

So, as a Marketer I am able to take a product, any product, and not have to depend on any BRAND, and still am able to let many people know about it and give them compelling reason to buy it.   I am able to do that regardless if I have a BRAND name to help me do that or not.   

But, the limitation I have is that I do not BRAND things well – I sell things well regardless of what they are – but BRANDing I’m not so strong. 

So, as the future goes on, RedStores will become a brand, and I will be able to sell things under the RedStores brand BUT for me to establish RedStores as a household BRAND name, I will need Branding team to help move that.


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