We had a great EO learning event today – one I enjoyed very much.  The topic was on how to remain human when growing a business.

One key concept that came out of this is that we are always striving to reach the next goal, and once we reach that goal, we find the goal is not enough and we continue to strive again.   As we strive to reach the goal, we can feel that “Only IF…” the goal is reached we will be happy.   The ‘Only IF…” is a self destructive cycle, where we are always striving BUT not enjoying things in the moment that is there.

Out of this, I have realized that I have made to some extend great progress towards enjoying the journey and not so much to reach the goal.   I started to feel this way some time ago, and have understood now that my self satisfaction fulfillment and joy, comes out of the ‘journey’ and not so much from the destination.   Having that perspective was really great for me, as it truly does allow me to ENJOY and relish each day, and not wait to have only happiness when I reach the goal.   I have been finding this already – as RedStores is moving forward, the pleasures of watching the team gel together, the pleasure of things moving step by step, the spirit of innovation and creation, the laughter in the office each day – those things each day are happy and rewarding moments.   Sure, reaching the destination is cool, necessary and important – BUT – if we have fun getting there, have moments of joy as we work to get there – it allows us to have happy lives NOW and not have to wait to reach some goal to reach happiness.

I have heard this message when I was younger, in my 30, but I was so focused on ‘getting there’, that I dismissed this message as utopian.  I guess, it is only once you get there, you realize that ‘hey, those people where right’.

So, in practical terms, I’m going to focus on making our RedStores journey fun for everyone.   Will work on making sure that the team, the staff have joy and fulfillment and happiness every day, and that at least as a company, we don’t defer our gratitude, satisfaction to only when we ‘achieve’ the goal, but that we feel this way all the time, and goal only gives us direction and structure along the path.