It has been a whirlwind day today.   Lots of things on the go.  Details of this day are in my private post, however some global observations I can share.

First,  learn, think,plan, act.  I learned this in a management training course some 10 years.   Very wise.  I repeat:

  1. 1. Learn
  2. 2. Think
  3. 3. Plan
  4. 4. Act

In that order! 

In getting ready for prime time, Tony took a bunch of ‘action’ photos of our office and staff.   They are here – what a smart looking crew!

Further, we took ‘family’ photos of the company team leads and management for corporate brochures and site.    Coming soon to the site new you.

Otherwise, the day was quite well balanced, and despite a somewhat tense situation on my hands, I have learned from before to look for balance.   To this end, I had a great workout with my trainer today, and it felt great.   First time I worked out, I was counting the minutes till the session was over, but now, it went by so fast that I didn’t even notice.   

As my plan has been to focus on the ‘self’ as that is my tool to reach higher level of growth for me and the company, mission was achieved. 

And I have to say it once again, although I have said this in my previous posts, “I just love the people I work with – it has been such a pleasure. “   I think this ‘energy’ that we have going is really helping us get stronger.   The months ahead will be telling, BUT my bet today is that we are going to really kick ass – and the key factor will be because everyone is engaged.

Julia, my assistant had started working on Friday.   I’m time sharing her with the EO brethren, and the buys and girls in the chapter cannot wait to jump on her.   I’m holding them back until next month, at which point I think Julia is going to have a very fun (and busy time).

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