Fantastic day  – felt like I was back in my form and then some. Had a full, full schedule.   The day was focused on two things:


1a. Forecasting which is needed for Cashflow

1b. Cashflow from forecasting

2. Corporate Restructuring


The 1a/b where quite clerical and really should be done by someone else – but it was good to get in and dig the numbers.   There is a certain ‘feeling’ the numbers can give you about how the company is – and so you gain a greater perspective.   Needless to say – my forecasting was done today – and 2009 looks like a great year indeed.    I still need to work in the various costs from the forecasts into my cash flow – from there I will be able to get cash flow, budgets for 2010, hiring plan, etc.   So,   I really felt like I laid down a great foundation that will empower me to plan out the year ahead.  Having said that – I will be SOPing and standardizing this process, so that this will be the last time I do it.    Speaking of an SOP,  Ashley, my marketing manager, need to look up some numbers for me.  I happened to have walked by and lo and behold I see her having SOP open on one screen and then her doing the work on the other.   Wow!   SOP’s that are actually, useful, helpful and used.   Such as small thing to see BUT such a huge indicator that the business processes, SOP’s,etc. are definitely useful.

I tasked my Accountant and my PA to research various WOFE structures through a Chinese speaking accountant of a friend of mine.   Again, what a pleasure working with such smart people – these guys (although they are both ladies) – called, talked, extracted info and came back with a solution.   Solution was a bit off – BUT – it was such a treat to see them have no fear in trying – and reaching and expanding beyond what they know.   I really felt proud of them.


Anyways, this was what my day looked like today – worked out nearly on plan – definite making great strides on big things.