Christmas Letter I wrote to all staff – redacted for confidential information.


Dear All:
Now that our Christmas season is almost over, I wanted to share with you some of our preliminary results.

clip_image001This year we have shipped an amazing XXXXX packages so far.   Our highest before, was in XXXX when we shipped XXXXX orders.   This is really fantastic news as it means that we now have many more customers which makes our company that much stronger, since we know that about XXX% of our customers will buy from us again.

Our total sales for this year where the XXXnd highest in the company history – XXXX was our best year ever, and this year we came very close to beating it.   So, this means that despite the very bad economy in the US and around the world, we have done well.

Having said all this, the main purpose of the company is profit, and as of right now, we will still need to wait for another month, for Dimitri to finish our accounting, to see how profitable the company was for this year.    As you all know, it is possible to sell many things clip_image003and make little profit, so we cannot celebrate JUST yet until our accounting is done and we can see our final results.  But, that should not stop us from recognizing the great work we did during this busy time.

For this Christmas season I wanted to highlight few areas of our company that did an amazing job:

1. Production department – prepared a tremendous amount of orders (HUGE!) – and managed to ship out as much as XXXX orders per day.   All this with not so many people.

2. Purchasing – we did a great job keeping things in stock, and managed to generate large amount of sales without having to buy upfront a large amount of goods – this helped a lot during the time leading up to Christmas XXXXX – and also helps us stay safe in case the sales are not so great.

3. The Shipping department – for wrapping and preparing an INCREDIBLE amount of orders – with just a few people.   I really don’t know how you guys (and girls) did it – but WOW! – incredible.

4. The customer service – with only XXXX people – we managed to service so, so many customers – and managed to keep everyone happy.   Very hard to do, especially during Christmas, when all of our customers are a bit XXXX and stressed out.

So, thank you everyone for your hard work, tremendous effort and making this VERY difficult time look SO easy!   I’m very proud of how smooth everything went and how well we all worked together.

I wish you all a good rest now that the busy season has passed us. 

Happy Holidays (western holidays that it! J)