2nd day of layout the details of the financial system.   Very complicated.  I initially though I could structure contractual relationships between the entities first – but in fact – by working through the accounting system and consolidations across the various companies, that effort provided deeper insight into the relationships.

So, bottom line, although this exercise may seem somewhat silly from the outside – ie. splitting charges, etc., allocations,etc.  it is quite significant in terms of having a strong corporate foundation.

What is great, is that it seems that last 6 or 8 months of work, is now coming to and end at to a good resolution.  

So, given this, I have been looking at future growth (Smile ) and planning how to best proceed.    Had lunch with one of the pals from EO, who had graciously shared the experiences they had gone through when experiencing ultra rapid growth.

Some great wisdoms there – and its helping me gain more clarity on tactical things for next 6 months.  Basically, I’m now strongly leaning to finish up pearlsonly global expansion, finish muse.com rollouts – and then heavily focus on marketing those properties.   And not move forward with new sites, until we have the existing properties fully performing.

So, as soon as financial system is done, and into stable operations – I would like to:

1. focus on PearlsOnly sites and give them a tech and look tune up

2. Full head on marketing on the other properties, especially the top level consolidated muse sites.

3. Get redstores site working as a global portal.

I believe if I can execute on the 3 things above, we can achieve 5x top line growth.   This would give us a proven, stable platform – and methodology of attacking unique marketing segments.

So, from the Project Management point of view, it may not be necessary to go so linear, and conceivably we could parallel things BUT, and this is a big BUT – having everyone focused on 3 simple objectives is much more likely to yield results that focusing on multiple goals.

In this way, we are still in discovery mode now, in how to ‘procedures’ the TLC that we gave to PO, to other sites.