Accounting progress

Oct 18, 2010 | Growing Business | 0 comments

I’m single mindedly focused on accounting system now. My goal is to get it done. Did some deep diving on the Chinese accounting system and became rather intimate with how things work. Just a multiple- variable problem to solve. :). So, feel fairly confident on this side. Having this in place helped put more detail on consolidate system.

I’m choosing to give up sales on my other properties in order to get this done. Good news is that I have breathing room – and new sites are truly top line contribution so although would like to get this going, things are stable enough that no panic.

Felt like a little big less snowflakes over last few days. Perspective or reality – actually doesn’t matter – what matters is that it feels less.

Spending time working out staffing and personnel suitability in IT and Marketing. What is there now is not in great and doing a glad/sad/mad exercise shows that. Don’t want to knee jerk so giving this time to let things unfold. At the end of the day I will give myself a clear rule – is there growth or not.

Personal side is doing great and life is nicely moving on. Loose ends are almost all tidied up – and long term strategy in place and in play. Good.


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