Corporate Structures

Sep 26, 2009 | Growing Business | 0 comments

Today was a working day in China, so I had setup a meeting with a corporate restructuring lawyer to look at my corporate structures.    Each person I talk to, the more I learn.    I can see now how opening up various entities makes sense and how the game is played.


I will likely be opening up 5 or 6 new entities – it will take about 3 months.    My preliminary calculations are showing a petty significant savings through the new structures, especially with the new corporate structures available in China.      It looks like I will be able to get a payback on the setting up of these structures in 2 or 3 months!


There seems to be 3 layers involved here:  Legal, service to open companies,  accounting.     For some reason, there isn’t one place that all three come together.    So,  once I decided on what I think I need, I”m going to get all three ‘types’ of people in for a meeting at my office,  throw up the structure – and let them take a kick at it.     I have the luxury of time, and getting it right has some very significant cost impacts – so I’m willing to go ‘non-optimal’ for a month to get it right.     If I do get it right – this should serve me well for another 5 years – and will enable me to bring on investors,  share the shares with employees, etc.


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