Most of today was dedicated to doing KPA’s – which is my quarterly reviews with all my direct reports.     I have kept rescheduling them and rescheduling them but nevertheless, did manage to get them all done before the end of the Q.   Overall,  last Q – Q3 – was good – it wasn’t stellar nor was it bad – it was just average.    People got their work done, but they nothing new and exciting happened.   If All Q’s where like this we wouldn’t get very far very far, but I think sometimes having a normal, productive Q without any ups/downs gives people a chance to rest.


I readjusted two reporting positions – one position that I inherited from Lise and redirected, and one web developer moved under Jimmy.    I have about 6 directs right now – which is ok and manageable.


My plan for Q4 is to roll out Rockefeller habits to the whole organization  – start the meetings, huddles, etc.    I think it will be a good team building strategy.   In that vein, I’m going to ask all my direct reports to being being religious about using SharePoint to manage their projects and to keep updating them weekly.   I had started that before, BUT I would act as a babysitter before and keep reminding people to do it.    Not a great way in hind sight!    This way, I’m going to work things into the KPA and make each Team Lead responsible.    This will give me a KPI of where all the teams are at.


So, next Q4 goals for me: roll out Rockefeller habits book,  start training the organization to focus on deliverables.