Here is an email that went out to let everyone know about the upcoming changes.


I wanted to share with you, officially, some of the changes that will take effect on October 1.

On October 1 (besides celebrating China’s 60th anniversary) we will also celebrate changing of our companies focus on RAPID growth.

To support this the following changes will become effective:

1.  Angel Xu is promoted from Senior Accountant Level 1 to Senior Account Level 5.    With Angels new promotion, she will now be responsible for more finance functions, including the challenge of learning some Western accounting principles.   Cindy will begin reporting to Angel starting in October.

2. John Zhang is promoted from  Junior Level 2 Ecommerce to Intermediate Level 2.   John will begin to report to Jimmy starting in October.

3. Eileen Yang is promoted from Intermediate Level 5 in Admin department, to Senior Level 4 in HR group.   Eileen will continue to report to myself – and will assume primary HR functions.

4. After the October holidays we will welcome a new operations manager, Jessica, that will take many of daily responsibilities that Mina currently handles.

5. To help us complete the PMX projects, starting in October, Spencer will work 4 days a week instead of 3 days a week.   In addition, we will hire a junior developer to further accelerate the development of PMX (which is necessary for us to rapidly launch new sites).

Starting in October, Mina will assume responsibilities for  Business development, and Project Management.   

Mina’s new role will be:

1. To open up 10 more ecommerce streams (at least 20 more sites) over next 10 months.   Failure will NOT be accepted – so please be ready to support Mina to reach the goal! 🙂

To accomplish this,  Mina will have a virtual team working with her to rapidly launch new web sites.  Please see the attached chart.      For the purpose of rapid execution,  John, Tony, Ashley and external consultants will be under Mina’s direction.

Meanwhile,  to support this future growth, I will be bringing in additional external consultants and experts and for advice for our corporate structure – with the focus on creating a corporate structure that will allow us to grow the company to $125MM USD dollars in sales over next  5 years – much of this work will be concentrated in accounting and finance.

On a separate note,  our forecast for the end of this year, looks strong – of course it is difficult to predict how exactly Christmas 2009 will go, but the signs are positive and I am very hopeful that we will have a good year this year.