I took a day off today.  It was the Chinese military parade marking the 60th anniversary of communist China.    Nothing much around the city, but the rest of the world keeps on working.   I didn’t rally take it off though – my mind is spinning on the corp. structure –and I keep talking with the HK boys, payment gateways, etc.  So, its off in a sense that I’m home – but I’m still engaged in the business side. 

The design for www.BlingOnly.com is coming in and its cool.   Alex, the designer, is no UK, so I’m working across time zones – its working out ok – she keeps pushing me to change the design bit by bit – and I keep on resisting – because It needs to stay cookie cutter for a while.

My guys are away on a much deserved rest for a couple of weeks so not much will happen, but Mina is back from Canada – so at minimum we will be able to plan out the strategy – and identify the things that she will need to execute.