Last week was partially a holiday, and I didn’t end up doing a whole lot of work.    I spent a lot of time on the personal side of my life.   I guess the big ‘deal’ I had put together was to buy out Lise out of the business.   This gives me full control of the company – and lays the groundwork for moving things forward with     

This week looks like a full week – half a day tomorrow with EO, then I need to dedicate the rest of the week on determining the optimal share structure for the ‘top’ holding company that will hold   

Beyond that, looking at the corporate plan for 2009 – we did good – and actually ahead of schedule – so its time to put some time into strategy now – and plan out 2010 – and set out to major goals. 

I’m continuing to look for accountant / developer.  Will also need to look at how to empower the team to enable them more financial control (hence more power to the team).