In the past, especially when it came to employees disputes, it had become easier to pay off the employees for the issues to go away.  Another words, the effort to deal with a troublesome employee was more than handing over a little pile of money.  So, business logic dictated at that time, that it was more prudent to ‘settle’ vs ‘fight’.     Well,  in this type of process, what got lost is the sense of right – in another words– standing for what is just.   Values got thrown out because it was ‘cheaper’ and ‘easier’ to pay vs. fight.  What I have now noticed, is that type of practice has been also very unhealthy for the long term.   Why?

Inevitably,the employees learn that the company ‘settles’ and ‘pays’ – so they feel that if they leave and make a big enough fuss, that they will end up with some kind of settlement – even if they are not entitled to it.   Basically, you train your staff to fight you and become unreasonable.

So, lesson learned – when things are unjust – fight don’t give in.  The long term costs of ‘folding’ teach an organization the wrong lesson and become counter productive.  So, for me personally, from this moment on,  I will not make settlements based on any kind of ‘easiness’.  If I think I’m right, I will stand my ground and go to long, long lengths to win.   Sure, the first time may not be economically justifiable BUT in the long term – its the only way to go.