Forum Day

Nov 10, 2009 | Growing Business | 0 comments

Returned from a trip to SG/Thailand today and had lots and lots of housekeeping.   EO Forum was in the afternoon, so I spend my morning catching up as much as possible on any and all small tasks.

The forum was fabulous, like always, and as always, although I cannot touch any subjects in the forum,  the thing that I can say is this: “Having a peer group in the same space as you, being honest to the core about their lives and challenges is extremely supportive”.

The night ended up being a late, silly, silly night – with me only catching 4 hours sleep.  Nevertheless, it is some of those afterhours sessions that yield so much further illumination onto things that hold us back.

The very cool thing about the forum was a demo by Mirko about the 1 page plan based on Vern Harnish.  I love the concept and although I feel like I’m already seriously overcommitted, I can’t wait to get mine done.   Basically, its a distillation of yearly plan onto one page.  Really fell in love with it! 🙂


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