With only 4 hours sleep in me, it was not the most productive day.  Nevertheless, I met with a friend of Charles’s – a fellow by the name of Michael that is wired into the MBA at Tsinghua University.  The idea is to get back into the lecturing, teaching mode that I enjoy.  As before, this is free  My initial goal is to be a guest lecturer to the MBA classes every few months.   Michael had the idea that I could actually go and put together an 8 week course on ecommerce.   Actually, what was interesting about that is that having done course prep before, doing this kind of prep would lay great foundation for writing a book about ‘Ecommerce – NOT for beginners”  – where ecommerce could be presented to the C level types – that want to know what is involved in ecommerce but don’t necessarily need to know the bits and bytes.


Anyways – that was good, so based on that its likely that I will do some lecturing to MBA students over next few months.   It will be fun!

2nd – Michael happens to be connected to training and education, so we talked about how he could help me put together an internal training program for on boarding staff.  Given my 3 year plan, onboard, in-house training will be CRITICAL to success of growth, so a solid framework for internal training (he actually used a different word but I forgot it) – if I onboard 30 new ‘high level’ people – that will stretch any organization – so solid training as a segway into the company is a must.   We agreed to discuss the framework over next two month, so that when I’m ready (hopefully in January) to start brining people on board – we can train them and absorbed them as fast as we can hire them!


Had drink plans with a buddy tonight, but run out of steam – and ended up canceling – because could hardly keep my eyes open (even as I write this).   Definitely a sign that a) 4 hours sleep is not enough b) that I”m over committed.   BUT, I know I”m overcommitted for next 2 months – so will just need to balance it out and focus on high value activities.  And, going out for a drink with a friend is a high value activity, so need to make sure that those things get priority! 🙂


So, some things that are high on my list now:

  1. 1 page strategic plan
  2. Focus on high value stuff
  3. Deal with the over commitment issue