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Mar 31, 2010 | Growing Business | 0 comments

Had a very nice day today – although have been fighting a cold.   10AM start, with morning focus on getting the accounting data – banking accounts, etc.  – documents.  Low level grunt work but very necessary on a way to getting this into a system.   Few more hours tonight and I will have it done.

Afternoon was spent with N… A… discussing Project X, and also his input into the Di… deal and marketing strategy.  N… was brilliant and gave me the one piece that I was missing in terms of framing how to structure the deal and how to get value out of it work my RedStores shareholders and also for the Di… I have a very much a win/win solution now, so feeling very comfortable now in putting business terms on the table.    Love it when clarity of vision comes.image

Had a nice chat with K… and discussed the fact that he will not be coming on board as a CFO right now but that the door is open later on.   I think this is also a win/win for both of us.  K wasn’t ready to jump in, and although I had wanted him, brining on a guy that is not ready would not be a win for me.  So, walking away created a win/win.    

In addition, I went ahead and filed a Patent for the Wizard technology that I’m using on PearlsOnly – time to get that rolling and get that invention protected for RedStores.

New rule for blogs also – I won’t be naming people in my blogs and instead will adopt the First Name (ie. Paul, P….) notation, as to protect confidentially of the people I talk with and conversations.

Its 6PM – early home time – get a bit of rest – then try to finish the accounting documentation.


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