Most of last week was spent on handing over and info transfer to Jessica for RedStores. We separated into 3 segments – responsibility between RSO and RSV – and how we will move forward splitting the company, handle ingercompany charges, etc. 2nd phase was to give Jessica financial visibility, forecast. For now using my internal tools I built but soon will move over to use accounting systems.
3rd item on todo list is to finalize marketing plan for operations – which I’m hoping to get done this week

Meanwhile I’m working on splitting my financial model to forecast two companies instead of one. Beyond that opening yet more companies – I think up to 10 – and getting more infrastructure things setup.

New office is now ready and I’m really please with the results. Handles 10 people and it will be good goal to try remind us that we should keep headcount low and automation high.

Personally, with Jessica taking over ops q huge load came off my shoulders. Realistically speaking very little change, but the mental outlook a huge change. So, it’s funny how with all the same things in place we can engineer different things that can have such drastic mental impact.

Development of TMX is moving at c and I will post screenshots later. Incredibly cool.