At what point do you know that you are a roadblock? And at what point do you make a change. The second question is easy – immediately. The first one is a bit more difficult because assessing yourself and being object with yourself is hard to do.

So, where am I going with this.

This week I started a series of transition meetings to setup Ventures and Operations. I have to say that while in those meetings it has become blatantly obvious of just how much of a roadblock I have become.

Without a roadblock (me) the energy and ideas are literally exploding. The energy is terrific and it becomes glaring obvious that we can do so much more than we did before.

So, if I had any doubt or hesitation about the company split, and the changes I made – this week that has been all erased and a new air of energy has emerged.

A roadblock has been removed.

So, I’m predicting that we will have an amazing year this year and will exceed all of our expectations.

On ventures front the business model is now looking nice (graphics wise) and we are now debating weather to go b2b or b2c. Regardless of choice all we have done so far gives us both options.