This week started without an office – office for me that is. My old office is now used by the General Manager, and our new offices are not ready yet, so I’m officeless. Its great.

Its interesting, because in essence not much has change from before, but a huge psychological freedom somehow from this change.

I have noticed that I’m more ‘creative’ and watched myself spend time thinking of growth and new things. I guess in a way, the office itself represented for me the status que and making a change (albeit not a big one) is what had changed the momentum.

Last couple days, I have been focusing on the things that I will need to training and hand hand over to GM, and also much time on RedStores Ventures.

Interestingly on Sunday, while getting a hot stone massage, and in a semi-meditative state – I had a small pivot for RedStores Ventures. One of the things I have been stuck on with the pitch has been the marketing strategy and articulating the specific things we will sell. We know that volume of products is the key, but we have yet to do our homework on specific categories. I also had to reflect on the things we didn’t do well so far – and that was our new sites that we launched that didn’t get ‘love’ . With this, I started to thing about pivoting from B2C to a B2B. Now, this came while there where hot stones rubbed on my legs and shivers of pain going through my body. But, interestingly my mind was clear and empty, I was in Mindfull state. And voila – the mind just automatically presented a solution to a problem I had been facing.

So, overall, it was an interesting pivot and it forced us into an interesting discussion about strategy to market, segments, etc.

We also had to look at 5 years out, and look at what we should be building now that so that it can be IPO or treade-sale later on for the $125MM. So, we know B2C would take a while – whereas B2B could go faster. We are still doing our homework, but with all this ‘thinking’ we are ‘just in time’ building path forward. The nice thing is that some of these issues don’t come apparent until you are already doing things – so – I guess a big picture message would be – Take ACTION – do something – doing SOMETHING will force next steps.