imageWas invited by YPO chapter to join in on their learning event. The event was focused on venture funds and how they apply to entrepreneurs.

The lecture was a full d

ay by a Harvard Professor, Josh Learner. The presentation was brilliant and I love it. I wasn’t geared at my size of business but rather at the 100mm sizes nevertheless that is where I’m going, so very eager to learn about it. Interestingly thing that Josh said is that there is a Harvard course aimed at people like me – Owner/President Management Program. It’s sounded so much better than an MBA so will look into how to take.

Afterwards, I had the evening myself, which was great. I ends up doing housekeeping, filling business cards, looking at my task list, etc.

I spend a bit of time mind mapping  German marketing strategies options. Goal is look at two options, slow growth or rocket – and find commonalities between the two approaches. That will give cost differential on knowing what the cost of slow vs.. rocket approach is.

Spend some time Analyzing my situation with Klaus and looking at how things have been playing out. I have seen enough and and am clear as to what next steps need to be. Will need to schedule Skype with Klaus and discuss with him.

Casper was kind enough to put together a Simplified model for me for , where I could calculate DCF, share value, etc.

I got into it around 12am but it was so interestingly I didn’t end up calling it a night till 3am.