EO training was today – called GLC – Global Leadership Conference.  The premise is to teach and align all the EO chapters world wide – to give each Chair  training, tools and knowledge to do their jobs.  This year I’m the Communication Chair, with slating for President of EO Beijing next year. 

So, first, it was interesting to attend – not so much from the training point of view nor knowledge – imageoverall – I didn’t find a huge value in the training.  What was quite interesting for me was HOW EO, as an  an organization managed to organize itself – how it worked and expanded.   In a pure sense, EO is a cult – but having said that – ANY organization is a cult.  This is not necessarily a bad thing – BUT when you read “God wants you dead’ and “The Culting of Brands: When Customers Become True Believers” – its fascinating to watch a ‘cult’ culture develop – along with all of its traits – memes ( Memes are cultural genes, the social equivalent of
chromosomal genes. – desire to grow, desire to spread, desire to God Wants You Deadinfect)    

So, don’t get me wrong – EO is great  and for the small chapter that we have in Beijing – its superb – BUT – for my taste – the big ra, ra thing – feel very, very corporate, very meme – something that I’m just not really into. 

So, overall – the trip was worth while – as far as value from the event – so, so.   Probably not the best use of my time.

So, some other news:

1.  Found out that the boys from Canada that where trying to launch a business – gave up.   Pretty amazing – failure to launch – before even launching.   But as they say – no guts no glory – so – a bit of a shame – because the idea was great – and I think they could have made it into a nice little business.     But, I will repeat – no guts, no glory.   Risk, reward.   Can’t have one without the other.

So, actually when I learned this – I though – I passed on this before – because Germany was heating up – but now – that I’m slow tracking Germany  – could be an interesting thing to push forward on a ‘driver’ level.   Will reach out to my ‘other guys’ in Canada – and see if I can do something there.   The beauty is that A…., on Beijing side, did his side of the work already – and was ready to execute – and actually – I have 100% confidence in A… ability to deliver.  So,  what is missing is a bit of BD on Canadian side -  could actually almost make this into an ebusiness! :)    Going to put that on my radar again.

Here is some photos from HK EO Event.

240 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 

PS:  God Wants you Dead is available for free under creative commons license.  It is one of the more intellectual pieces of work I have read. Here is link to a to download.  I think its one of the more powerful marketing books (although it was not intended to be so) you can read. 

God Wants you Dead