Took a day off today – had a couple of EO sessions that I skipped – in the interest of getting a bit of rest and not pushing myself to the limit.    Coffee and will power can do great things – but I’m also conscious of the fact that it can be possible to push myself beyond healthy.  So, morning was early I think 3AM – then a bit more ZZ with up at 6AM – Around 5h sleep.

Spend the morning walking around Kowloon in the morning – with the afternoon catching up on emails.   Basically – rest day.

Mirko flew in the evening, and we booked a VERY cool restaurant in Hong Kong (not Kowloon) – 49th floor of the Marriott – Upper House (this is similar to the Opposite House in Beijing).  In fact, the Upper House is apparently very hard to get reservations, but he tapped his Beijing network, and got us reservations in the Upper House.  49th floor – overlooking the bag.

Great dinner and great conversation – we brief me on his adventures in Australia (he did good there – and established relationships with some potential future partners).   We discussed quite a bit our philosophies – how to fuel our businesses etc.  Lots of interesting stuff – VC, Investment Bankers, exit points, valuations, etc.

Bottom line, both Mirko and I are thinking big – quite big – and the great thing is that Mirko is doing his homework now on meeting with lots and lots of people to learn about, what seems, gazillion funding options.  Interestingly enough, our businesses are too small, and our cash needs not big enough to really go after the larger investors.  The investment houses need $5MMUSD or $10MMUSD to investment levels to get interested – whereas – both of us actually need a fraction of that to go to the next level.

In any event, great evening, great wine, great food and great views.

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