I saw a car waiving through the Beijing traffic today.  It reminded me the of the days when I would take my little crazy toy back in Canada and do the same thing.    A few of customers in Canada would comment on my toy and the fact that I was ‘making too much money’.    So, this was the originating thought.

Based on this, I had come up with the following:

1. yes, back when I was in sales, I was making a big pile of money – given my age, probably way to much.


1. I was making this money because I was winning jobs


1. I was winning jobs


1. Taking amazing care of my customers


So, Through this logic, you can say “If you take amazing care of your customers, you will make a big pile of money”.      Extrapolation this further, you can say, “Happy Customers means financial success for whatever person/entity is providing that happiness! “


So, back to reality:

Today working cash flows, corporate structure (on operation, contractual level).   A touch of hands on marketing via Google ad words, to adjust the spend.   Order volume is very strong and the operations are humming so, so smoothly!   Love working with great and smart people! 🙂