We are fast tracking ‘SilverDevotion.com’ marketing for Xmas.    My style of communication (in Nov 2009) is here.  Putting it here to see if there is an evolution with time on how I reach out to the teams.

I will also follow up on this post after Xmas to see how we did.


Thanks for the proposal – looks excellent. My comments are inside. Let’s get started today. Your primary contact in the organization will be Mina Vayanou. She will co-ordinate and manage any internal communications that may be needed (including communicating out to myself) when need be.


I would like to have one point of contact for Bryan while we RUSH this to the market. For the time being, would you mind being the contact point for Bryan in terms of direct Bryan’s work requests inside the company. Bryan has a very aggressive schedule, so let’s make sure that our team shows him how good we really are!

Jimmy, Ashley, John, Jessica:


Bryan is looking after getting our SilverDevotion sites marketed. To enable him to do that, each one of you above will need to help and help FAST! To make this efficient, I have asked Mina to be the main contact person for Bryan, BUT Mina will soon be delegating those items out to yourselves for execution.

When you get any items from Mina regarding this, PLEASE, put 100% effort on those tasks.

Bryan has a very aggressive timeline (which I like and I appreciate) and I want to be 110% percent sure that we ENABLE Bryan to get his work done as per his schedule.


Bryans Marketing plan is attached. My comments are inside to Bryan and my rough assignment of responsibility to each of you is inside the document. Please read so you are familiar what is coming your way and how your work will fit into the overall picture.

This is fast track – so let’s give it our best. (We are VERY good at fast track! J )

Update 4 hours later:

And this is how it turns into action when good people are at the helm.  I blurred it for confidentiality: