Spend a big part of the day looking at corporate structure.  I go the ownership done and have in essence created an investor friendly structure.  I can bring in ‘friends and family’ and also institution investors as well.  So, that is done.

Now, I’m looking at the ‘daily operations’ of the various entities and as per advise of the team from US and HK, make each unit stand own on its own.  This way, in case of a DV at some point, a certain section of the business can be packaged up and sold off on its own merit.

With this there is a lot ‘daily operational’ stuff that needs to be forecasted out as well as tax planning.   Luckily the variables are few and seems something than an engineering mind can handle – so just working with high level view I’m quite confident I can get us there 80%.   

Sales are similar to last year this year – so no huge improvement with the expectation  that our segments in the CA and AU have grown which is nice to see.   Lot of work being done on RedStores.com (dev.restores.com) – and print and marketing collateral.

I’m spending about 1 hour a day moving cash around – and managing cash flow.   Easy stuff – but not the best use of my time.     Looking at my schedule and trying to focus on the big things again ie.  if I”m spending time moving $ around, then it means I’m not looking for a CFO.

So, constant fight between operational needs and longer term tactical or strategic needs.

Personal life has kept me busy also – it has been a month since I moved out – and so just now working on all the clean up on old apartment, new apartment, etc.   My interior decorator is on vacation so I have still a few things in my own house to take care – but I think 2 weeks and I will be done.

Looking on how/when to work in more exercise.  I did a profile the other day and my ‘performance’ according to one test I did could be significantly improved by me adding in more exercise into my routine.  So, I took some steps towards this:  scoped a gym, and looking to hire a Personal Trainer.  

All in all, things are busy and under control.   Finance infrastructure sucks and it pisses me off every day in how little I have  so that is my ‘rock’ for the of this year – to get that on its way to health.  Otherwise, I feel our company is ready to ‘sprint’.