Had a slow start this morning but pickup up steam as the day went on. 

Setup the presentation at tsinghua university – couldn’t rally do December – overcommitted – so pushed it into the first week of March – I guess the MBA boys and girls get a  bit of time off between Xas and then.   Will do a 1 hour presentation (50 peeps or so) – about ecommerce – and doing it as a foreign in China with no Chinese.    Will have 1 hour – so will need to work a bit on package this up into a cool story.   The fact that this what seems to interest this crow is also a good indication what the ‘market’ could be interested in – so will be great to do a beta run on this.


I look over our sales for this year, and basically the numbers look ok.  Nothing to jump up and down about, but nothing to cry about – just ok. Over the weekend I concluded the work on the corp. structure – so need to get that documented over next couple days – and then execute.   Overall, it going to be a slow process and will take up to 5 months to finish.  


Executed agreement with Bryan to come on board and give a bit more life to silverdevotion sites.   If my gut is right, this kid (and I mean this in a very affectionate way)  has amazing talent, so I’m eager to see what he can do.   Cashflow is getting tight – which makes sense given that inventory # are climbing.  I”m holding off using high interest cash as much as possible unless it holds strong strategic/economic value.


Have an interesting project cooking, will see where it goes.  Its under NDA so unfortunately can’t discuss it here right now, but if its a go, I will blog it under private section, and when/if NDA is lifted, will post.

On UK side, we are expanding our order fulfillment into an area similar with what we are doing with Amazon in the US.   I’m proud of the team and how they managed to really get our ‘business’ into a fulfillment mode in so few moths.  This has been a goal for this year – and I’m glad we have accomplished this. 


Chewed up a bunch of dime related to the separation – cleaning up old apartment, moving things between places, etc.  I didn’t actually do the work, but had to devote a bit of time getting it done right – distraction.