Its been a busy week where I feel like I have managed to accomplish many things and move forward not a step on others.

We are continuing to move on forming the Chinese company – its been 4 months now which is normal – but madly slow by western standards. For that, we need to have other things lined up, such as office space of certain size, a lease for a period of at least a year, etc. So, all these little delays make simple things complex. But, step by step, getting them out of the way.

I got the pitch finalized and out to the designers to finish the graphics. I had an Indian outfit working on it and they did great in the early stages BUT as time went on, it started taking days to get changes done. Fired them in the end and realize that would be so nice to have a designer in house. But, conserving capital is good – so “nice to have” has to wait.

A guy I worked with on ranking in SEO connected back with me – and we are going get working on some cool things on our Silverdevotion and Cove site – all under Jessica’s leadership. The pattern you will see is that I have these two sites, and I’m just not giving up on making them become successful. Having said this, I know that if I put MY energy into it a bit earlier they would be doing more now – but MY energy is going into RedStores Ventures – so these sites need to find love and care elsewhere. I think they did. Will see how things go over next few months. Just finalizing the agreement this week – working on a base fee for few months, then large upside based on performance.

Last week I also met with Pecce. We had a good meeting and fantastic dinner. Pecce being Italian knows his reds, and I still remember the beautiful red (name unknown) over dinner. Borolo on steroids. Great conversation, challenging outlooks. Pecce has a house in Spain, so this summer I’m looking to take up Pecce on his invitation to visit him with Alex and Jenny in Spain. In any event, a great pleasure to be in an intellectual company.

Last week I also indulged in working on a sign up page for – had so much fun and felt back in my element. I can feel that my space where I do best is in marketing, value proposition and presentation of that VP. So, feeling good about the site, and the the progress we are making. Gerry is on holidays last and part of this week – so will need to bounce ideas off him via Skype.

This week and next week I’m traveling – off to Singapore with Alex, to follow her up with her singapore doctors. Then back to Beijing for a night and off to Chiang Mai in Thailand for a few days. The timing is good – as I do find that airplane time now seems be a good ‘creative time’ for me – so actually don’t mind time in the sky.

So, overall – a good personal feeling of accomplishment – certainly feels good to be getting the pitch finished, numbers done and ready for finding money. Nice to do some site work – and to use my marketing skills. Overall – things are running smoothly – predictably and reliably. In a business, any 1 of those things would be great. Having all 3 is terrific.