This week I spend most of the time in Hainan – with 3 of those days in meetings with Pecce.

Pecce is the man I have asked to be my mentor – and this was the first trip to see if he would be willing to mentor me. On Friday, I we schedule 4 hours of meetings that turned into 8 hours late into the night discussion at Pecces villas.

I won’t go much into details of our conversation but will provide general outline.

First, we talked nothing about business but rather philosophy of life. It was one of the most intellectual conversations i have had in years.

As a result – I ended up switching my trip to Nepal in early April – for a 5 week health rebuilding and self-centering in Kucci institute in Boston. All is now booked.

The reason for this is that as many people pointed out, but Pecce insisted my health and well being it an absolute necessity for anything. On an intellectual level I knew this, and I have heard this message from more than one person before – however it wasn’t a priority for me until Pecce convinced me by way of his experiences and his own life that Health is truly key to success.

So, things don’t happen for a reason – and part of the reason why I’m able to considering this is that with my plans to change around and split the company – I believe I will have two businesses running on their own.

So, a little bit more about Pecce.  During out discussions, I had a chance to review the manuscript of Pecce’s upcoming book.   I not discuss much about the book (and in fact much of our discussions with Pecce I need to keep confidential since we both are sharing on a very deep level), .Bu to say that its something I have never quite seen before.   Intellectual but simple I think at the words to describe  Over last few days Pecce asked me to participate in his book project and hence I had 2 subsequent meetings with him.

But let me talk about mentorship briefly – what is interesting is that when you have someone that has gone through similar experiences to yours – you tend to (or perhaps should I say I), I tend to listen.   Told the same thing by someone with a  different experience – I would likely not.

So, the engineering part of my requires “proof” – and once that is there I accept much, much easier than just being told something as ‘best practice’.

In my meetings with Pecce I saw a side that 99.99% of the people will never see – and it was wonderful. 

One of the things that I don’t’ want from the mentorship is money, execution advise, etc.   Those things are easy enough to learn from books and to get on your own.   What I have actually been in need of is ‘life advise’ – that is something is hard to get from books – since every one’s life is different.

I’m going to be a bit vague on all the details of how, what, where – because of the confidential nature of our relationship.   Pecce shares with me details of his life that are private – I learn from it and it helps me a lot – and as much as I would love to share that back with everyone – the stories I am told are not mine to share.   Having said that, the lessons I have learned today will show up in my blog over next years – so you will see references to Pecce along my path – and from that you will be able to see the touch points that Pecce has helped with.  

The big thing is that I am off to Boston, to Kucci Institute for 5 weeks.  This is a health, nutrition, well being institute and its something Pecce has send many of his CEO’s and directors to.   Accepting the fact that health and vitally is the key weakness in myself and further that by improving this area I will improve EVERYTHING else – Boston it is.IMG_2942